Daire’s Best Bits

Etiquette Towels
I Miss Surfing

Daire Bourke Boyle —
  1. The name Daire means Fruitful, Fertile and is of Irish origin. Daires tend to like drawing and surfing, chatting and eating. And music too.

5. I Miss Surfing

From A Study of Surfing

What does surfing look like during a pandemic? Or for a land bound surfer? www.i-miss-surf.ing is designed to give you that surfing feeling, all from the comfort of your own home. If the participant chooses to click on the ‘no, thank you’ option, they are linked through to SUP websites, Steve Irwin Killer Crocs, Golf websites and Netflix.

Of course, nothing on a screen can give you quite the same feeling as surfing waves. That being said, only those who persist will come out with an extra little bit of knowledge.