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Daire Bourke Boyle —
  1. The name Daire means Fruitful, Fertile and is of Irish origin. Daires tend to like drawing and surfing, chatting and eating. And music too.

3. Plan(e)t


2019 / 2020
From What Can I do to Make a Difference?

Plan(e)t is a stop motion animation that teaches of the macro through the micro. The planet through the plant. It was made for the RSA Student Design Awards, under the brief What Can I Do to Make a Difference?

Mike Berners-Lee claims that if we “slow down more of the time” and develop “a better appreciation of the smaller things in this beautiful world, then we are in a far stronger positionto have a positive impact on climate change. Empathy is key.

According to Gaia Vince, author of ‘Adventures in the Anthropocene’, human kind hasevolved into a planetary changing force of nature, not through our individual intelligence,but through our collective intelligence. “We co-operate in large numbers with people that we’re not related to, that they might even be strangers to us and yet we do it. We do it all the time.” (The Story of Us, RSA Events). This must be how a change is made. By working initially, perhaps, as individuals and then finding ways of working together.