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  1. The name Daire means Fruitful, Fertile and is of Irish origin. Daires tend to like drawing and surfing, chatting and eating. And music too.

4. Etiquette Towels

From A Study of Surfing

Surfing has never been more popular. Yet more people means bigger crowds. This makes it ever more important to be able to handle yourself in a safe and friendly manner in the water.

Without having been brought up in surfing from a young age, a lot of surfers miss the education on how to do this. They have not learnt the un-written rules.

A crowded surf break can lead to aggression and tension in the water, especially when some surfers do not know how to behave in the water. Etiquette Towels are created to avoid any such incidents.

Every surfer needs a towel. If they are nervous paddling out before a crowded session, they simply have a glance at the care labels on their towels. These four care labels hold concise tips on the main pillars of surfing etiquette. How to handle yourself in the water. Abstract illustrations on the towel create a friendly atmosphere around the towels.

Four care labels, stacked on top of one another. Each containing a key tip on surfing etiquette. A quick read before paddling out for a surf.

Second Towel Design;  Paddling out, stay wide. The Star Surfer (bottom right) is paddling out and is taking the hit of the wave (top right). The Star Surfer is not paddling through the zone marked X, as that would mean getting in the way of another surfer who is riding the wave.

Third Towel Design; Respecting the Ocean. A plastic bottle, a crisp packet and a sweet wrapper. All pieces of litter commonly found at beaches. Pick the litter up. Don’t leave it there.

Fourth Towel Design; Wait your turn. Surfboards waiting their turn to ride some waves.